Are BMWs bursting into flame?

Individuals who consider in spontaneous human combustion are used to acquiring unusual appears to be like when they describe their viewpoints to skeptics. Some BMW proprietors know just how they come to feel: a variety of them assert that their cars have burst into flames in much the exact way, for no evident explanation.

The variance among the two is that cars can occasionally capture fire for no right away clear trigger. Defective wiring, faulty servicing do the job, gas leaks, rodents, or any variety of other issues can guide to a vehicle fire. 

BMW claims that it has investigated reports of cars instantly likely up in flames–while parked, no considerably less–and to day, it can be observed no persistent defect that may possibly be resulting in the issue.

(Interestingly, BMW only uncovered that actuality soon after very first stating that it hadn’t heard of the phenomenon. It’s also claimed ignorance to some proprietors who’ve filed problems with the company–at least in accordance to a law firm who’s symbolizing those proprietors in courtroom.)

To day, BMW hasn’t even determined a sample of conduct that could hook up the fires. Some have transpired within minutes of the engine being turned off, while in at least one particular case, the vehicle had been parked for various times. 

And BMW is just not the only celebration which is dumbfounded by the difficulty. The Nationwide Freeway Visitors Security Administration hasn’t observed a “smoking gun” both, but it encourages anybody who experiences unconventional auto-associated conduct–like but not confined to spontaneous combustion–to report it by using the agency’s website. 

Officials in other nations around the world are a bit extra alarmed. South Korea, for illustration, is conducting an intensive investigation into the matter next some large-profile reports of BMW fires. Regulators to begin with assumed that the fires ended up connected to a documented issue in some BMW diesel traces. Having said that, that would not describe why some non-diesels have caught fire, far too.

Although there is no these types of probe ongoing in the U.S., proprietors reveal that the company has supplied discount rates on substitute automobiles, at least in some scenarios. The company has also issued income settlements, furnished proprietors are willing to indicator non-disclosure agreements. 

Our choose

As our grandparents used to say, where by there is smoke, there is commonly fire. In this case, the previous indicating may possibly be accurate. 

That is not to say that BMW is trying to include up a significant probably with its automobiles–although as we’ve discovered from Standard Motors, Takata, and Volkswagen debacles, anything’s doable. Having said that, there are enough reports of fires to make us increase an eyebrow or two.

Rest assured, if it turns out that something’s wrong with BMW automobiles, we are going to be among the the very first to notify you about it.