New and Used Ford Focus Electric: Prices, Photos, Reviews, Specs

The Ford Emphasis Electric is the only all-electrical vehicle that the American automaker sells anywhere in the planet.

Like the newer Volkswagen e-Golf, it can be an electrical car for motorists who never want the substitute powertrain to be found by the neighbors. Aside from the charging port on the left front fender and a couple of chrome “Electric” door badges, you’d in no way know by searching at it that the Emphasis Electric has no engine.

The firm’s most energy-productive vehicle, the Emphasis Electric is a variant of the gas-driven Emphasis, and is crafted on the similar assembly lines in Michigan.

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The Emphasis Electric was introduced in 2012, and remained basically unchanged for five yrs. For 2017, its lithium-ion battery received a capability boost from 23 to about 34 kilowatt-hrs. That boosted its rated array from a base-of-the-record 76 miles to 115 miles, a bit more than the similar year’s Nissan Leaf, at 107 miles. It also acquired, at prolonged last, the means to use DC speedy charging—which recharges the battery to about 80 % of its capability within fifty percent an hour or so. 

The Emphasis Electric continues to be a reduced-volume, compact hatchback driven by a battery pack and an electrical motor. All but indistinguishable from a traditional gasoline-driven Emphasis, it can be bought only in a handful of places, most prominently California. While its specifications ended up aggressive with those people of the substantial-volume Nissan Leaf when it introduced, it lagged significantly right until 2017, a sign of Ford’s important disinterest in the car, whose key intent is to permit the carmaker comply with California guidelines requiring a selected amount of zero-emission autos to be bought in the condition each and every 12 months.

The electrical Focus’s battery pack is liquid-cooled—unlike the Nissan Leaf battery, which is only air-cooled—which really should make the Ford pack somewhat much more resistant to temperature extremes. Its cells are supplier by LG Chem, which presents equivalent cells to Standard Motors for the Chevrolet Volt array-extended electrical car, meaning Ford has benefited from GM’s comprehensive mobile examination and progress perform. It sends electric power to a 107-kilowatt (143-horsepower) electrical motor that drives the front wheels.

The EPA rated the 2012-2016 Emphasis Electric at 76 miles of array (on merged city and freeway cycles) with an energy performance is 105 MPGe. (Miles For each Gallon equivalent is a measure that indicates the distance an electrical car can journey on the similar volume of energy as in 1 gallon of gasoline.) The 2017 Emphasis Electric observed the rated array increase to 115 miles, and its performance rose incrementally to 107 MPGe. The Emphasis Electric now looks common on array, with the Volkswagen e-Golf at 125 miles, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric at 124 miles, the Nissan Leaf at 107 miles, and the pricier BMW i3 at 114 miles.

The Emphasis Electric’s on-street behavior basically mimics the behavior of an computerized-transmission car, although the regenerative braking is somewhat on the aggressive facet. On the street, the motor is effective more than enough to spin the within front wheel when accelerating out of turns. The electrical Emphasis presents the similar pleasurable roadholding as gasoline Emphasis types, though like most electrics, it can be punchiest absent from stoplights, generating it a superior car for city traffic jousting. The pounds of the battery sits reduced, underneath the floorpan, and its significant pounds offers the car a properly-planted experience on the street. It operates properly and effortlessly on highways, but it does start off to run out of steam underneath weighty load at increased speeds—above 50 mph, say.

Inside of, the Emphasis Electric is mostly similar to any other Emphasis five-door hatchback. There are distinctive screens in the digital instrument cluster screen and centre-stack screen, of system, demonstrating energy usage and remaining array. The car’s onboard traditional charger operates at 6.6 kilowatts, meaning a total recharge normally takes only about 4 hrs at a 240-volt Degree 2 charging station.

But regardless of the battery capability boost for 2017, and the addition of DC speedy-charging, Ford failed to deal with one most important failing of the electrical Emphasis. That is a big hump on the load flooring that includes the car’s onboard charger. Nissan set a equivalent trouble way back in 2013, but whilst Ford has equipped a intelligent movable flooring, cargo volume and load-bay usability continues to be a important compromise.

The setting up price of the Ford Emphasis Electric is now about $30,000 its consumers qualify for a $7,500 Federal cash flow-tax credit history, as well as a $2,500 order rebate and one-occupant use of the carpool lane n California, as well as a prolonged record of other condition, regional, and company incentives. The sole improve for 2016 was the addition of Ford’s newest Sync 3 infotainment system, with an simpler-to-use menu design and interface than the past MyFord Contact system it replaces. The massive update was in 2017, and the sole improve for 2018 was a new paint shade.

The Emphasis Electric is a pleasurable more than enough electrical car from Ford. But the company continues to be notably unenthusiastic about the car, and less than 7,000 have been bought in excess of five yrs, against more than 100,000 Leafs. It can be a beautifully competent electrical car that has seen no excellent concerns, and its modest amount of proprietors are commonly content. The bulk of electrical Emphasis cars are most likely leased, so they might be exceptional as used cars—though maybe a superior price for knowledgeable electrical-car customers willing to perform a tiny more difficult at obtaining provider if it can be required. But prospective consumers need to have to realize that not every single Ford dealer will be common with the electrical Emphasis, and so it can be not even an selection in a majority of states.